How to Get an Internet Connection While Traveling

Whether you are traveling for a few weeks, months, or even years, having access to a steady internet connection is a huge quality of life amenity that most people (including us!) can’t live without. We regularly use the internet to find hikes, places to stay, showers, water, food, the cheapest gas prices, and of courseContinue reading “How to Get an Internet Connection While Traveling”

Best Hiking Gear For Traveling

If you’re like us then you love to hike and maybe have even gone on trips centered around hiking. There’s not a lot of space in a van, especially with two people and a dog who loves to sprawl out, so we’ve been accumulating the perfect hiking essentials that are both compact and actually withstandContinue reading “Best Hiking Gear For Traveling”

Best Dog Van Life Items You Wouldn’t Think Of

It’s important that both you and your furry travel companion have all the necessary items to van life comfortably. Here are some unexpected dog items you might want to add to your packing list. Spill Proof Water Bowl Best. Purchase. Ever. If there was one dog item we would urge you to buy it wouldContinue reading “Best Dog Van Life Items You Wouldn’t Think Of”