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Most Useful Van Life Accessories You Wouldn’t Think Of

Even if you are extremely prepared for living the vanlife, there are still things that don’t work out like you thought. Our van is constantly evolving with new creations to make the little everyday things a bit easier. Here is our list of some ideas that we’ve come up with that you might not have…

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How to Cook While Living Van Life

Something that is a little harder in a van than at a house is preparing meals and doing the dishes. Here are our top tips for cooking while on the road. Built-in Kitchen If you have a high budget for your van build or are planning to buy a converted van then odds are you’ll…

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What is Harvest Hosts?

Probably one of the things we love the most about traveling in a van is staying at Harvest Hosts. If you don’t know what Harvest Hosts is all about, it is an app that congregates a large selection of places to stay overnight in a van or a big rig like a class A RV.…

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How to Get an Internet Connection While Traveling

Whether you are traveling for a few weeks, months, or even years, having access to a steady internet connection is a huge quality of life amenity that most people (including us!) can’t live without. We regularly use the internet to find hikes, places to stay, showers, water, food, the cheapest gas prices, and of course…

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